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Facts about Cigarette smoking

Statistics, reports and details on the effects of smoking show that the smoker is likely to lose his life faster than necessary. Some of the facts relating to this habit are terrifying and they include:

  • In the United States and the United Kingdom, smoking related deaths amount to about 400,000 and 100,000 every year.
  • Smoking related deaths may occur from some devastating respiratory and heart related diseases. Lung cancer, Stroke, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), heart attack, emphysema etc.
  • It has been discovered that more than 4000 toxic chemicals are contained tobacco smokes. 40 of these are known to cause cancer.
  • The life expectancy of smokers is reduced by 8-9 years. This implies that in every 8 minutes the life span of smoker is shortened.

There are many more facts about smoking that are really scary. However, it is best to stop smoking for good to enjoy the benefits associated with stopping. Another alternative is to try electronic cigarettes. Long term effects of smoking e cigs are not clear, so one is making decision based on his or her own judgement. But, all things considered, you can try reading some GreenSmoke reviews and find out weather e-cigs are suitable for you.

Quick Look At V2 Cigs

You can choose V2 Cig electronic cigarette over other brands because it evidently offers some exciting features that are pretty undeniable. These features help the user make the most of this e-cig and they would be highlighted in this post.

V2 Cig is a brand you surely would want to go for. It can serve as the perfect alternative to that ultimate nicotine experience you crave for. If you come across this brand in the marketplace or someone you know recommended it for you, then be sure that you are in for one of the best “e-smoking” experience.

About V2 Cig electronic cigarette

This brand of electronic cigarette offers users the experience of smoking without worrying about unpleasant smell, ashes, and smoke.

E-cigs also do not burn and can be used in places where real cigarettes have been banned. Accessing e-cig from V2 would be made more authentic if the best features and offers are highlighted.